The Story of The GreenHouse

We strive to seamlessly integrate greenery into the offices, living spaces, and businesses of our community by providing products focused around alleviating the hardships of plant care and developing an appreciation for nature. With our simplified selection of desktop accessories, home- decor, and stand-out display pieces, your environment will embody nature’s stress relieving comforts and well-being improvements.

Join us in Planting Positivity!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my plant be shipped?
Your plant will be shipped prepotted, wrapped in paper, placed into a fitted, custom cardboard box to ensure your plant does not get damaged.


I followed the instructions, but my plant still died. Whats up with that?

In the rare situation that your plant doesn't thrive with our instructions, send a picture to our email within 2 weeks of arrival and we’ll send you a replacement plant free of charge.


Why do some plants cost so much?
At TheGreenHouse, we sell an all-in-one experience of convenience, ease of access, and maintenance. Our plants high quality and are ethically sourced from small local nurseries. 


What nurseries do you get the plants from?

We source our plants from many small nurseries located along the West Coast. We have plans to expand our infastructure to source plants from the East Coast as well.

My plant showed up dead, can I get a replacement?
Absolutely! Just send a picture over to our support email within two weeks of arrival, and we’ll send over another plant free of charge. You can keep the old one too and hopefully nurse it back to health.

Mirror and Indoor Plants